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Today in A&A: EHT collaboration published new results


The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration has released new images of M87* from observations taken in April 2018, one year after the first observations in April 2017. The new observations in 2018, which feature the first participation of the Greenland Telescope, reveal a familiar, bright ring of emission of the same size as we found in 2017.

The EVN/JIVE newsletter #67 is now online



The January 2024 edition of the EVN/JIVE newsletter is available for viewing. Access the newsletter here.

Obituary for Prof. Jesús Gómez González, Pioneer of Spanish Radio Astronomy


With great sadness, we mourn the loss of Prof. Jesús Gómez González, a founding figure of Spanish radio astronomy.

"Prof. Gómez-González had the vision to create a group of skilled astronomers and engineers in Yebes, who would conduct first-class research and instrumentation in radio astronomy. Today the infrastructures at Yebes, telescopes and laboratories, have well achieved that vision, being also partners in VLBI networks such as the EVN/JIVE, GMVA and IVS", says Francisco Colomer, former director of JIVE ERIC, who worked with him for almost 20 years.

Applications open: Dwingeloo 2024 Summer Research Programme


© Benito Marcote


JIVE and ASTRON invite graduate and advanced undergraduate students with background in astronomy, physics, computer science, or related fields to apply for their 2024 Summer Research Programme.

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Click here to download JIVE's Anniversary & Holidays DIY Home Decor. © Daniele Catalli

The finest closure of the year


The JIVE Council during its session last November. © Silvio Zangarini

New in Nature Astronomy: discovery closes the supermassive black hole feeding-feedback loop. JIVE scientist co-authors


Artist's impression of filaments of gas flowing toward the accretion disk of 3C 84. (c) Luca Oosterloo (

Out in ApJL: EVN links second FRB to a potential hypernebula. Three co-authors affiliated to JIVE


Artist’s impression of FRBs emitted by a source called FRB 20190520B, and originating in a hypernebula (copyright: Daniëlle Futselaar/ASTRON)


JIVE celebrated its scientists' role in the PRIDE experiment for ESA's JUICE mission


Leonid Gurvits, Mas Said and Giuseppe Cimò with their ESA's awards at the ceremony that JIVE held in their honour. ‪© Silvio Zangarini