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Breaking the Resolution Boundaries: Observing the supermassive black hole binary candidate OJ 287 from Earth and space An international team of researchers - lead by the Spanish Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC) and including participation from a JIVE researcher - has obtained an image of radio emission in the active galaxy OJ 287 at an angular resolution of 12 micro arcseconds, which is presently the highest resolution achieved in astronomical observations. This has been made possible with the technique of very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) which combines signals recorded at multiple radio telescopes simultaneously observing the same object and uses this combination to create a virtual telescope whose effective diameter is set by the largest distance between the participating telescopes. Combining together twelve radio telescopes distributed across the globe and an orbiting 10-metre antenna on board of the satellite Spektr-R launched and operated by the Russian Space Agency, the researchers have effectively constructed a radio telescope with a diameter of 193,000 km and used it to peer into the very heart of the galaxy OJ 287 believed to host a pair of supermassive black holes. Their findings are published in the current issue of “The Astrophysical Journal”.
The EVN/JIVE Newsletter #61 is published The January 2022 issue of the EVN/JIVE Newsletter is now available and includes relevant updates of the European VLBI Network (EVN).
Season's greetings and happy new year 2022 On behalf of everyone at the Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC we would like to wish you, your family and colleagues, and all our partners and stakeholders a happy, peaceful and safe festive season and new year 2022.
EVN Call for Proposals is open Observing proposals are invited for the European VLBI Network (EVN). The deadline for proposal submission is 1 February 2022 at 16:00 UTC. See the Call for Proposals for full information about the call and how to submit proposals.
Job Vacancy: JIVE Support Scientist The Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC (JIVE) invites applications for the position of JIVE Support Scientist to become available from as early as April 2022. The position has a 50%-50% split between support duties and the appointee's own research. Deadline for applications is 1 February 2022.
JIVE researcher receives prestigious NWO-Veni grant JIVE researcher receives prestigious NWO-Veni grant to study Fast Radio Bursts JIVE Researcher Shivani Bhandari has been the recipient of one of the NWO-Veni grants announced today that will allow her to develop research in the field of Fast Radio Bursts for a period of three years.
The JUMPING JIVE project successfully closes its activities The H2020 JUMPING JIVE project, which successfully passed its final review by the European Commission, has been instrumental during the past 4 years in the development and reinforcement of JIVE and the European VLBI Network (EVN) activities in key aspects for their sustainability that will impact the VLBI community in the next decades.
ASTRON-JIVE 2022 Summer Research Programme Opens Applications The Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC (JIVE) and the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) announce up to 7 grants for students to participate in the ASTRON/JIVE 2022 Summer Research Programme. Deadline for applications is 1 February 2022 00:00 CET.
Second edition of EVN Online Seminar Series Poster EVN seminars The European VLBI Network (EVN) is pleased to announce the second edition of the series of online seminars “The sharpest view of the radio Universe: VLBI – Connecting Astronomers Worldwide”. Five seminars will cover different science topics illustrating how Very Long Baseline Interferometry can improve our understanding of many astronomical phenomena and how this technique is useful for the whole astronomical community. The new seminars will start on 29 November 2021 and will be organised around every six weeks, leading up to the organisation of the 2022 EVN Symposium on 11-15 July 2022.
The EVN/JIVE Newsletter #60 is published evn The September 2021 issue of the EVN/JIVE Newsletter is now available and includes relevant updates of the European VLBI Network (EVN).