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JIVE projects

JIVE is currently involved in the following projects:


OPTICON-Radionet Pilot (ORP) 
(EU H2020)
AstroFlash JUMPING JIVE (EU H2020)
The OPTICON-RadioNet Pilot brings together the well established ground-based astronomy community to offer, support and develop access to radio and optical facilities in an efficient, coordinated and future-looking programme. AstroFlash is a project to precisely localise and characterise fast radio bursts (FRBs) as well as other astrophysical transients. Using the European VLBI Network (EVN), we have localised repeating FRBs to their exact galactic neighbourhoods. JIVE coordinates the Joining up Users for Maximizing the Profile, the Innovation and Necessary Globalization of JIVE (JUMPING JIVE) project. JUMPING JIVE aims to take VLBI into the next decade, with JIVE and the EVN as globally recognized centres of excellence in radio astronomy.
ERIC Forum (EU H2020) ESCAPE (EU H2020)
ERIC Forum brings together all established and upcoming ERICs. ESCAPE builds of the ASTERICS project to support the implementation of EOSC, developing joint multiwavelength/multi-messenger capabilities in astronomy, astrophysics and particle astrophysics communities.


Here you can find an overview of projects that JIVE was involved in in the past.