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JIV-ERIC is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium with seven member countries: France, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

There are also three partner institutes: NAOC, MPIfR and NRF-SARAO


Each country is represented by the following national research councils, facilities and research institutes. 


JIV-ERIC is organised in 5 departments, the heads of the departments together form the JIVE Management Team. The JIVE Director, Dr. Francisco Colomer, reports twice a year to the ERIC Council.





Coordination & Support Office

Francisco Colomer

User Support

Zsolt Paragi
Head of User Support

Science Operations

Bob Campbell
Head of Science Operations

Technical Operations and R&D

Marjolein Verkouter
Head of Technical R&D

Space Science & Innovative Applications

Leonid Gurvits
Head of Space Science

Full JIVE Members

JIVE Partner Institutes