Operations & Support

The responsibilities of the Science Operations and User Support groups at JIVE include (among other things):

  • Comprehensive support of astronomers who are not familiar with the VLBI technique but wish to use the European VLBI Network (EVN).
  • Support of EVN users in proposal preparation, schedule production, data correlation, and post-correlation review of experiments.
  • Support of EVN users in analyzing their VLBI data, including data analysis visits to JIVE.
  • Monitoring the reliability and performance of the Network via the ftp fringe-tests, Network Monitoring Experiments (NME) and other feedback programmes.
  • Support of the EVN Technical Operations Group (TOG).
  • Providing an interface between the EVN and the Space VLBI Missions.
  • Maintaining the EVN Home Page.

The head of the Science Operations group is Bob Campbell (campbell@jive.eu). 
The head of the User Support group is Zsolt Paragi (paragi@jive.eu)