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NEXPReS Project

NEXPReS: Novel EXplorations Pushing Robust e-VLBI Services (FP7 RI 261525)

This wiki is for the NEXPReS Project. You are free to read/browse the wiki; editing requires a user/pass. Please contact the wiki administrator ( for a login or info on lost passwords.

Project Work Packages

Project Related Documents

Contract Documents

Deliverables List

Project Preparation Wiki (pages are password protected to protect obsoleted info)


Contract Negotiations - (private) (same as link above)

Board Meeting/Kickoff Meeting 20 September 2010

multiple WP Meetings - see info on the individual WP pages

Aveiro Workshop - official and wiki

Board Meeting 2- Preparatory items, to be held late 2011

Period 1 Review

Project Review 2

Board Meeting 3

End of Project Meeting

Project Review 3

Other meetings of interest

General Project Information

Project Partners

Project Periods

Period # Start End Comment
1 2010 July 01 2011 June 30 Period 1
2 2011 July 01 2012 June 30 Period 2
3 2012 July 01 2013 June 30 Period 3

Quick Project Calendar

Date Comment
2010 Jul 01 Period 1 - Project Begins
2010 Jul 31 Signed GA due in Brussels
2010 Sep 01 Signed Form A from each partner due at JIVE
2010 Sep 10 Form A's delivered to Brussels
2010 Sep 20 Board Meeting (and opportunistic side meetings), Manchester, UK
2011 Jul 01 Period 2 begins
2011 Sep xx Period 1 Review, Brussels
2012 Jul 01 Period 3 begins
2012 Sep xx Period 2 Review, Brussels
2013 Jun 30 Project Ends
2013 Sep 01 Final Project Review

Contact Lists

Note, you must log in to access these pages (they have email addrs)

List Name members
Activity Leaders WP1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 and HJvL
Board one Board member from each partner, a proxy, the project coordinator and project manager
Financials financial contact for each partner
Contact general additional contact points and general announcement list
Details per institute Names of all official contact persons per institute
Staff people doing work on the project
PR contacts PR contacts for each partner
eVSAG e-VLBI Science Advisory Group (WP3)

For help working with majordomo, UOregon has a nice page.

Submitting Documents and Deliverables

Follow template

  • Presentation Template (powerpoint, open office)
  • Deliverable Cover Page

Signed Documents:

  • minimally TWO copies
  • sign with BLUE ink
  • email scan of document before mailing it to the Project Office
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