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NEXReS mailing list activity leaders

Note: this list may not be the most recent list.
How to get the up-to-date list:

  1. send an email to:
  2. leave the subject line blanc
  3. insert the following message text: who nexpres-activity

You will receive an email back with all current members of the list.

Workpackage Activities Description name Affiliation email address
PC PC Project Coordinator Huib Jan van Langevelde JIVE
WP1 NA1 Management T. Charles Yun JIVE;
WP2 NA2 EVN-NREN Richard Hughes-Jones DANTE
WP3 NA3 eVSAG / eVLBI Science Forum Paco Colomer FG-IGN
WP4 NA4 Outreach Kristine Yun JIVE
WP5 SA1 Cloud Correlation Arpad Szomoru JIVE
WP6 SA2 High Bandwith on Demand Paul Boven JIVE
WP7 JRA1 Computing in a shared Infrastructure Mark Kettenis JIVE
WP8 JRA2 Provisioning High Bandwith, High Capacity Nerworked Storage on Demand Ari Mujunen AALTO;
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