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WP 6 - High Bandwidth on Demand.

Work Package coordinator is Paul Boven (

This Workpackage is a Service Activity in the area of Dynamic Circuits for radio astronomy, in particular real-time e-VLBI and LOFAR Long-Term Archive data.

The Workpackage consists of 4 tasks:

  • Task 1: Integration of e-VLBI with Bandwidth-on-Demand (JIVE, SURFnet, NORDUnet, OSO, CSIRO)
  • Task 2: On-demand access for large archives (ASTRON, SURFnet)
  • Task 3: Testing and validation of on-demand circuits (UMAN, JIVE)
  • Task 4: Multi Gbps on demand for e-VLBI (JIVE, SURFnet, NORDUnet, OSO)


Minutes of WP6 Kickoff Telecon on 2010-08-27

Minutes of WP6 MS601 telecon 2010-11-02

Minutes of WP6 MS601 telecon 2010-11-30

Minutes of WP6 MS601 telecon 2011-03-31


High speed continuous recording and playback for VLBI, presentation for the Terena 7th TF-Storage meeting, Poznan, Poland, 2010-09-09 (11MB)

NEXPReS: Dynamische Lichtpaden voor Radio Astronomie, presentation for the SURFnet Relatiedagen 2010, Noordwijkerhout, NL, 2010-12-13 (10MB, in Dutch)

Dynamic Networking for NEXPReS, presentation at the 9th e-VLBI Workshop, Perth, Australia, 2010-10-20 (7MB)

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