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WP 3 - NEXPReS Project eVLBI Scientific Advisory Group (eVSAG).

WP coordinator is Paco Colomer (

The e-VLBI Science Advisory Group, eVSAG, coordinates the discussions linking the science and technology of e-VLBI with possible operational and policy impacts. This will be done by encouraging communications through existing channels and regular meetings. In the EVN all operational and policy changes are to be enforced by the Consortium Board of Directors, taking advice from an operations group and a scientific programme committee. By having member overlap with these groups the eVSAG will be able to prepare the policy and operational changes that the new observational capabilities demand.

Recent and rapid improvements in technology have created gaps between the organizational processes of VLBI and technical capabilities. For example, e-VLBI observations are currently scheduled weeks in advance for 24 hour periods while, in principle, the advances made would allow the telescopes to participate at any moment via adaptive and flexible schedules. The eVSAG will continue discussions initiated during the EXPReS project, addressing topics like the adaptive global scheduling of e-VLBI. Rreal-time VLBI operations also require a different scheme for manning telescopes and correlator, which call for a discussion of the operational model; it may be more optimal, also for the astronomers, to have more frequent observing runs rather than the long dedicated sessions.

NEXPReS will bring some fairly significant operational changes to the EVN. One of the tasks of the eVSAG will be to explain the activities of NEXPReS and its implications for the community at large. Some of these discussions will also be relevant for e-LOFAR operations, also represented in the forum. It can be expected that many of these topics will have implications for the operational model of the SKA. Efforts will be made for eVSAG meetings to be held concurrently with larger meetings. Symbiotic meetings can help to ensure a critical mass, which is important for establishing common ground. Discussions will continue over mailing lists and via existing e-VLBI and VLBI community resources. As was the case in EXPReS, the eVSAG will also organize an end-of-project science and technology meeting.


  • eVSAG documents in EXPReS project (2006-2009) are here.

eVSAG members

Name Institution As…
Alef, Walter MPIfR Bonn, Germany EVN TOG Chair
Boven, Paul JIVE, The Netherlands NEXPReS WP6
Campbell, Bob JIVE, The Netherlands EVN PC
Colomer, Paco (Chair) OAN Madrid, Spain WP Chair
Conway, John Onsala, Sweden User
Desmurs, Jean-Francois OAN Madrid, Spain EVN PC
Frey, Sandor FOMI-SGO, Hungary User
Giroletti, Marcelo IRA-INAF, Italy User
Kettenis, Mark JIVE, The Netherlands NEXPReS WP7
Lindqvist, Michael Onsala, Sweden EVN PC
Lobanov, Andrei MPIfR Bonn, Germany EVN PC
Maccarone, Tom U. Southampton, UK User
Mujunen, Ari Aalto University, Finland NEXPReS WP8
Muxlow, Tom JBO, UK EVN PC
Paragi, Zsolt JIVE, The Netherlands User
Pérez-Torres, Miguel Ángel IAA-CSIC, Spain User
Polatidis, Antonios ASTRON, The Netherlands EVN PC
Porcas, Richard MPIfR, Germany EVN Scheduler
Rushton, Anthony Univ Manchester, UK User
Shen, Zhiqiang Shanghai Observatory, China EVN PC
Szomoru, Arpad JIVE, The Netherlands NEXPReS WP5
Tudose, Valeriu ASTRON, The Netherlands User
Venturi, Tiziana INAF-IRA, Italy EVN PC Chair
Vlemmings, Wouter Univ. of Bonn, Germany EVN PC
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