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Contract Negotiations

Negotiation Date

Tue 30 March 2010
Brussels, Belgium

Timetable for the Negotiation Process

Date Description
30 March 2010 Negotiation meeting
15 April 2010 Deadline for submitting a mature version of the DoW (Annex I)
19 April 2010 Deadline for submitting a mature version the GPF (an intermediate submission of the GPFs should be done asap in views of stabilising the A2.5 and A2.6 forms so that we can ask for signature as soon as they have been checked).
26 April 2010 End of negotiation

Documents for/from Negotiations

Consortium Agreement

doc / pdf date description
doc / pdf yyyy mm dd consortium agreement draft
doc / pdf 2010 07 14 consortium agreement draft
doc / pdf 2010 04 16 consortium agreement draft
doc / pdf old EXPReS Consortium Agreement

Comments from First Negotiation Meeting

The Commission provided feedback from the first negotiation meeting (as DOC) (as PDF document) reiterating the comments sent to us in the ESR and hearing feedback. Included are instructions on how to integrate the feedback in the upcoming DoW.

2010 March 30- First Negotiation Meeting

pdf ppt description
pdf ppt final version, as presented (note, not all slides were visible, shown)
pdf ppt rev 27
pdf ppt rev 22: end of afternoon sunday version.
pdf ppt rev 14: draft slides in prep for Contract Negotiation Meeting
pdf ppt Slides previously presented to EC during Evaluation Hearing.

Negotiation Mandate

The EC mailed us the text of the Negotiation Mandate as an HTML file. This wiki does not allow us to upload that file format, so tt has also been converted to a PDF document.

Evaluation Summary Report

After the hearings, the Commission provided us with the Evaluation Summary Report as a PDF document.

Invitation to the Evaluation Hearings

The Invitation to Attend Evaluation Hearings is available as a PDF document.

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