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NEXPReS Proposal

Novel EXplorations Pushing Robust e-VLBI Services

Proposal full title Novel Explorations Pushing Robust e-VLBI Services
Proposal acronym NEXPReS
Call Title Research Infrastructures Call 7
Call Identifier FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2010-2
Call Topic INFRA-2010-1.2.3
Deadline 2009 Nov 24 17:00h, Brussels Local
Type of funding scheme Combination of Collaborative Project and Coordination and Support Action: Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3)
Estimate Start Date 2010 August 1


Work Packages

Activity # Title Leader Partner Institute
WP 1 Management (with bits of section 2 and 3…) TCY JIVE
WP 3 eVSAG PC / tcy FG-IGN
WP 4 Communication KSY / tcy JIVE
WP 5 Cloud Correlation AS JIVE
WP 6 High Bandwidth on Demand EPB JIVE
WP 7 Computing in a Shared Infrastructure MK JIVE
WP 8 Provisioning High-Bandwidth, High-Capacity Networked Storage on Demand APM TKK

Proposal Draft

The files below are DRAFT versions of the text. We make no promises that they are the most recent versions… Caveat emptor.

note: core document is moving to MS Word format, inevitably, this means that formatting oddities will appear as the ODT→DOC migration is rarely clean. We'll make a pass at formatting problems at the end of the process. Don't obsess over them now.

note: MS Word for the Mac does not handle section breaks properly when exporting to PDF.

Original Proposal as submitted to EC (version 2010-05-26):

  • DoW- Description of Work (~3 MB)
  • GPF- Grant Agreement Preparation Forms (~1 MB)

please note that the above were updated prior to being accepted by the EC. Please refer to the NEXPReS Contract Documents list to see the version of the docs that were signed.

date pdf doc description
pdf doc final version as submitted
pdf doc fixed odd usage in WP6 section.
2009nov24_13h pdf doc final-04, ran consistency check on partner FG's name, a few last things.
2009nov24_12h pdf doc Arpad finished. Huib done. Provisional PDF uploaded by TCY. We think we are “done”
2009nov24_11h pdf doc NOTE: moving filename to FINAL. Arpad owns file.
pdf doc tcy working on: new zsolt photo, a few other things. doc is mine.
pdf doc a few more minor edits - tcy
2009nov23_18h pdf doc ToC done, a few really minor changes. Need confirmation of FTE total change…
2009nov23_16h pdf doc Still needs ToC, few odds ends, text 96% done. PDF holding at 7 MB
2009nov23_15h pdf doc huib edits
2009nov23_14h pdf doc note, PDF is ~7.1 MB
2009nov23_13h pdf doc lots of mods.
2009nov21_23h pdf doc minor mods.
2009nov20_17h pdf doc bunch of updates. see the changelog. Note, the uploaded PDF is over the file limit, but we have pdf-magic-voodoo that we can use to get the file size down.
2009nov20 pdf doc Huib consolidated finances across document
2009nov20 pdf doc see the doc for what has changed. handing doc to Huib (i think)
2009nov20 pdf doc major edits on 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, minor edits on 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
2009nov19 pdf doc Huib worked on: Overall textual consistency, outsider comments, partner contributions, first version resource table
2009nov14 pdf doc LoS fixed, formatting updates, minor corrections. This should be fairly close in terms for format. Still have sections that need re-reading and additional text.
2009nov13 pdf doc Most formatting fixed, gannts are in correct place, LoS included. Note, just noticed that i have the SPDO LoS wrong and forgot to add Mark's changes. Will update file tomorrow.
2009nov13 pdf doc updated with Huib's edits of today. Section movement still not done (TCY nods at Arpad). GARR l.o.s. not part of this update.
2009Nov11 pdf doc Small updates, includes WP7 format changes.
2009Nov09 pdf doc next version of file is in process. working on minor edits and related formatting issues. contact Charles directly with comments/changes.
2009Nov08 pdf doc new Microsoft “clean” version of the file due to probs with DOC/PDF conversion.
2009Nov06 pdf 2 MB doc small batch of formatting changes, letters of support added
2009Nov06 pdf doc first integration of all sections. The MS Word doc is a formatting nightmare. Working on getting it normalized. However, core content is in place.

Preliminary FTE table (years)

# descrip 1 JIVE 2 ASTRON 3 INAF 4 MPG 5 UMAN 6 OSO 7 VENT 8 FG-IGN 9 NorduNet 10 SURFnet 11 PSNC 12 DANTE 13 TKK 14 TUM 15 CSIRO total
WP1 management 4.5 4.5
WP4 outreach 1.8 1.8
WP5 cloud correlation 6 1.5 1 1.5 10
WP6 high bandwidth on demand 4 1.5 2 0.5 1 1 10
WP7 computing in a shared infrastructure 2 1.5 1 3 7.5
WP8 high-speed storage on demand 2 2.5 2 1 1 3 11.5
total FTE 20.3 4 2 1 3 3 1 1 0 3 0 4 2 1 45.3
total manpower in keuro 3397.5


The table below lists the partner number, short name and long name that will be used in the proposal. Linked to the partner short name are separate pages that have the partner description.

# Participant organisation name Part. short name Country CO NREN
1 Joint Institute for V.L.B.I. in Europe (J.I.V.E.) (Coordinator) JIVE The Netherlands NL SURFnet
2 Stichting Astronomisch Onderzoek in Nederland ASTRON The Netherlands NL SURFnet
3 Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica INAF Italy IT GARR
4 Max Planck Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissenschaften E.V. MPG Germany DE DFN
5 The University of Manchester UMAN United Kingdom UK JANET??
6 Chalmers Tekniska Hoegskola AB OSO Sweden SE SUNET
7 Ventspils Augstskola VENT Latvia LV LATNET
8 Fundacion General de la Universidad de Alcala, Instituto Geografico Nacional FG-IGN Spain ES RedIRIS
9 NORDUnet A/S NorduNet Denmark DK NORDUnet
10 SURFnet bv SURFnet The Netherlands NL SURFNet
11 Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej Pan PSNC Poland PL PSNC
12 Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe Limited DANTE United Kingdom UK JANET??
13 Aalto-Korkeakoulusaatio (formerly Teknillinen Korkeakoulu) AALTA (formerly TKK) Finland FI NORDUnet
14 Technische Universitaet Muenchen TUM Germany DE DFN
15 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO Australia AU AARNet

Additional partner details (board member, PIC number) can be found on via the linked page.

Each partner has a one page description in section 2.2. As partners approve and submit their text to us, it will be posted here.


link to DRAFT NEXPReS timeline

Style Guide

A style guide exists which describes a set of rules for text and image creation for all documents. This is based on the style guide create for EXPReS.

Logos are available. These are the first pass. Better ones soon.

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