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The JIVE WIKI workspace

If you have any questions about this wiki please contact Aukelien van den Poll (

Registration for this wiki is limited to prevent abuse. For a user account, please email Aukelien van den Poll (poll @ jive . eu) with your full name and desired username. Apologies for any inconvenience.

JIVE Wiki Pages

* JIVE MT - access restricted to JIVE management team


EVN Wiki Pages


ESKAC: ESKAC - European SKA Consortium, The ESKAC wiki is now back in use. Additional information about ESKAC is available from the ESKAC website.

RvdA: Raad van de Sterrenkunde



ParselTongue: ParselTongue is a scriptable interface layer to classic AIPS, written in Python.


The EVN Software Correlator at JIVE (SFXC): Information on use, maintenance and installation of the new SFXC software correlator

JIVE Correlator post-processing: Information on transforming correlator output to MeasurementSet and FITS files (j2ms2 and tConvert)

Configuration of various hardware at JIVE: FlexBuff

EVN Support Scientists: EVN Post-processing
EVN Feedback Tools

JIVE UniBoard-based Correlator (JUC): JUC memo's
JUC minutes
JUC review

Correlator operations: Various information pertaining to the care and feeding of the EVN Mk IV Correlator.

32 Gbps EVN: telecon minutes


Space Applications of VLBI: Informations and documents of the Space Applications group SpaSIA

Masers: Activities of the M2O-VLBI group

* JIVE Board - meetings and minutes have moved to a restricted area of the JIVE web site
* JIVE biennial report 2013-2014


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