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This page will contain the JIVE UniBoard based correlator Memoseries. When uploading a document please first create an entry (effectively allocating a number), then edit your document (when possible) such that it contains the freshly allocated UniBoard memoseries number before uploading it to the wiki.

Thank you.

1. EVN Correlator Design

revision 3.3 Uploaded 2014-Jun-30

2. On Scaling Delays
3. UniBoard Testing HowTo
4. EVN Correlator Startup Guide

revision 0.92 Uploaded 2012-Oct-18

5. Doppler Shift Example in Mathcad (Sergei Pogrebenko)
6. Revised delay model
7. Delay model output format
8. Some considerations regarding the design of the UniBoard correlator (Arpad Szomoru)
9. Vdif epochs and leap seconds (Des Small)
10. JUC configuration output for j2ms2 (Des Small)
11. Correlator timing and synchronization (Harro Verkouter)
12. The UniBoard UDP/IPv4 FPGA protocol (Harro Verkouter)

Note: this is a reproduction of the document uploaded on the original, password protected, UniBoard RadioNet FP7 wiki. We thought it is important to have it in this wiki as well. Version 1.2 (uploaded 2012-Apr-16

13a-f. EVN Correlator Firmware Design Description Documents (Salvatore Pirruccio)
14. JIVE Uniboard Correlator Review Memo: The Delay Model (Des Small)
15. Some simple calculations regarding the power consumption and price of possible future JIVE correlators (Arpad Szomoru)
16. The UniBoard correlator system - an overview
17. A Comparison of on- and off-board averaging of UniBoard spectra (Des Small, Harro Verkouter and Jonathan Hargreaves)
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