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EVN Post-processing

In this page you can find the files and documents used by the EVN support scientists to post-process the EVN data after correlation and deliver them to the PI.

Post-processing steps

The EVN Support Scientists process the data from each EVN observation after correlation and until the data are delivered to the PI of the experiment.

Summary of all the basic steps: evn-post-processing.pdf. Original file here.

Check-list to do not miss any step: checklist.pdf (TeX file in case it needs an update).

There are some tools to help you summarised here.

Read about the current versions of j2ms2 and tConvert here


Under construction (insert construction worker gif) guide can be found here

NME Reports

After an NME is post-processed, we need to write a report about all the issues observed on it. All NMEs are stored in this web.

Modify the page to include your new NME. You can also find there the LaTeX template to produce the NME Report. However, I recommend you to use this Python script to produce a more customized LaTeX template that will save you some editing time.

Download it to your computer. You can run it without arguments or with -h to see the required inputs. The script will create a LaTeX template where the table has already been adjusted to the stations that have participated in your NME.

Running NMEs

In case you need to run a new NME (Network Monitoring Experiment), you can find in this file (original file here) a guide about the necessary steps that are required.

Problem list per session

Antenna-specific problems: this is a text page located here. Please update this when you find a problem. Will be replaced soonish with a fault tracker probably.

ANTAB-related problems: this is a page to keep track of 'all' issues concerning ANTAB files. The plan is also to keep track of the stations that do not upload ANTAB files at a given time.

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