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List of problems related to ANTAB files found

2019 Session 2

Urumqi: Temporarily unable to provide antab files. According to station, the .antabfs file generated by them is zero bytes and they are working to solve this asap.

2019 Session 1

Urumqi: Could not produce ANTAB files for any of the experiments in this session (invalid TPI values).

2018 Session 3

- Timestamps with 60 min (e.g. 04:60:00).
- Lower freq. limit wrong in many ( version 2018-01-03) stations.
- KVAZAR + Sh stations with time intervals between Tsys values of several minutes.

Tianma: No ANTAB files for any experiment on vlbeer. In the experiment feedback they mentioned that they had a failure of the ON/OFF noise source. No Tsys info could thus be measured.
Svetloe: most numbers are 0.0s or 999s. Useless.
Zelenchukskaya: most numbers are 0.0s or 999s. Useless.
Irbene: (EB069) Provided 48 columns instead of the expected 16.

2018 Session 2

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