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For external queries on JIVE communications please use the email: communications[@]jive[dot]eu.

For internal queries on JIVE communications please use the email: maffey[@]jive[dot]eu.

Full JIVE logo - transparent PNG:

Small JIVE logo - transparent PNG:

If you require the logo in another format, for example monochrome, please contact Gina Maffey.

The following are available from Aukelien van den Poll for use at events:

  • Pens,
  • Stickers - JIVE and JUMPING JIVE,
  • Notepads A4 and A5,
  • Files
  • Annual report

The following are available from Gina Maffey, Ilse van Bemmel or Aukelien van den Poll:

  • JIVE/EVN brochures (What can VLBI do for your research),
  • RadioNet brochures,
  • Universe Awareness (UNAWE) teaching guides,
  • T-shirts - celebrating 50 years of VLBI (limited availability),
  • Banners - JIVE, EVN, SKA-VLBI and EWASS special session,
  • Foldable JIVE bags

Planning for the use of banners: JIVE has 4 banners, they are stored behind the red door opposite the JIVE banner:

1 JIVE banner - 2 EWASS Special Session banner - 3 SKA-VLBI Banner - 4 EVN Banner

1,2,314-16 May 2018NACI. van Bemmel
1,3,415-20 July 2018Salamanca - local printF. Colomer
1,3,412-24 July 2018Bluedot, UKG.Maffey
1,3,403-06 September 2018YERAC, NLG.Maffey
1,412-14 September 2018ICRI, AustriaF. Colomer
1,3,406 October 2018Open day, NLG.Maffey
1,2,3,4?08-12 October 2018EVN symposium, SpainI. van Bemmel

If you would like to use the banners at a meeting, please contact Gina Maffey or Ilse van Bemmel


Inventory of activities 2019:

Social Media - Quarterly reviews: social_media_-_quarterly_review.docx
Daily image submissions record: daily_image_submissions_record.xlsx


Procedure for JIVE press releases: procedure_for_jive_press_releases.docx
Procedure for EVN press releases: procedure_for_evn_communcations.docx

What to do if JIVE is hosting or attending an event: what_to_do_if_jive_is_hosting_or_attending_an_event.docx

How to tweet: how_to_tweet.docx
How to post on Facebook: how_to_post_on_facebook.docx


JIVE privacy policy:jive_privacy_policy.docx

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