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Maser Super Bursts

This is a wiki page to host material for the maser super burst project.


Agenda and minutes for telecoms and meeting

Meeting #1, 13 Dec 2017

Agenda: Agenda_13Dec17.pdf. Minutes: minutes_13Dec17.pdf.

Meeting #2, 27 Feb 2018

Agenda: Agenda_27feb18.pdf. Minutes: Minutes_27feb18.pdf.

Meeting #3, 14 May 2018

Agenda: Agenda_14may18.pdf. Minutes: Minutes_14may18.pdf.

Meeting #4, 24 July 2018

Agenda: Agenda_24jul18.pdf. Minutes: Minutes_24jul18.pdf.

Meeting #5, 23 Jan 2019

Agenda: Agenda_23Jan19.pdf. Minutes:

Meeting #6, 3 Mar 2019

Agenda: Agenda_03mar.pdf. Minutes: Minutes_03mar.pdf.


An area for hosting plots etc. for sharing results.

Single Dish

Mateusz Olech, report from 6.7 and 22 GHz monitoring observations from Torun:

Koichiro Sugiyama, report from 6.7 GHz monitoring observations from the Hitachi 32m:

Gordon, report on monitoring of G358:


Olga Bayandina, progress report on analysis of VLA data for G25 at 6.7, 22 and 44 GHz:

Olga Bayandina, progress report on analysis of VLA data for G25 at 6.7, 22 and 44 GHz - Part II:

Olga Bayandina report on multiband JVLA results of G358:


Tomoya Hirota, progress report on analysis of KaVA data for G25 and W49N:

Ross Burns, progress report of analysis of EVN data for G25:

Ross reports KVN detections at K band burns_g358.pdf

Ross presentation slides for the EAVN Workshop, Ibaraki Sep 2019 g358_2.pdf

Single dish and VLBI

Alexandr Volvach, report on G25, W49N and NGC6334 for Simeiz and QUASAR stations:


Context for the various observations carried out on G25.65+1.05:



The first results of G25 observations in RadioAstron project (SRT+ground-base telescopes):


European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS) 3-6th April 2018, Liverpool UK:

Kavli :

Data Access

EVN Data (G25 and W49N)

EVN data are now available in FITS file format on the EVN archive:

Please email for the password

KaVA Data (G25 and W49N)

KaVA data at 22 and 43 GHz are now correlated and available for download

Please email for links to the data


G358 KVN ToO proposal:

Outline plan of future proposals for M2O-VLBI:

Google Docs spreadsheet tabulating the existing and otherwise required data for super burst candidates:

Member list and contacts

The team as a whole can be contacted via the mailing list:

The following page contains mail archives and membership options for the mailing list:

Below is a maintained list of members and their institutes and email addresses.
Ordered by time-zone, so top of the list are the first to wake up each day.

Name Affiliation email
Tomoya Hirota NAOJ and SOKENDAI, Japan
Jungha Kim NAOJ, Japan
Koichiro Sugiyama NOAJ, Japan
Kazuhito Motogi Yamaguchi U., Japan
Kee-Tae Kim KASI, Korea
Gabor Orosz XAO, China
Olga Bayandina ASC, Russia
Irina Val'tts ASC, Russia
Nadya Shakhvorostova ASC, Russia
Georgij Rudnitskij Moscow state U., Russia
Alexandr Volvach RALCAO and U. Kiev, Ukraine
Artis Aberfelds Ventspils, Latvia
Gordon MacLeod HARTRAO, S.Africa
James Chibueze SKA, S.Africa
Mateusz Olech Torun, Poland
Pawel Wolak Torun, Poland
Anna Bartkiewicz Torun, Poland
Gabriele Surcis OAC, Italy
Busaba Kramer MPIFR, Germany
Alex Kraus MPIFR, Germany
Karl Menten MPIFR, Germany
Ross Burns JIVE, Netherlands
Huib van Langevelde JIVE, Netherlands
Katherina Immer JIVE, Netherlands
Willem Baan ASTRON, Netherlands
Crystal Brogan NRAO, US
Todd Hunter NRAO, US
Stan Kurtz UNAM, Mexico

Useful links

Simbad pages

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