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Feedback Tools

This page contains information on how to manage and maintain the tools used for feedback both from, and to stations. These consist of three main parts:

The Session Feedback Page and Database

The session feedback page exists here and must be generated for each session.
To do so log into dop88 as jive and go to the session directory (for the jive password see Bob):

ssh jive@dop288
cd /www/

Then create the block session file (filename format is blockyy_sessionNumber). A tool has been made to assist you with this called It will read the latest block schedule on the web and attempt to create a block session file for you. You should make sure to check and edit this file by hand.

emacs/vim/nano blockyy_#.asc

Here is an example file from session 3 2018:


PART 1 = 6  cm

6   JIVE        N18C3
6   Caccianiga  EC066A
6   Biggs       EB069
6   Gunn        CL18C3
6   Tarchi      ET038E
6   Yang        RY007B
6   Marcote     EM133A
6   Yang        RY007C
6   Marcote     EM133B
6   Guirado     EG104A
6   Guirado     EG104B
6   Schulz      ES090A
6   Caccianiga  EC066B

PART 2 = 3.6/13 cm

3.6 JIVE        N18SX2
3.6 Titov       ET036B
3.6 Gunn        CL18X2
3.6 Schulz      ES090B
3.6 Panessa     EP113A
3.6 Bietenholz  EB066A
3.6 Bietenholz  EB066B

PART 3 = 18 cm

18  JIVE        N18L3
18  Polatidis   EP106D
18  Polatidis   EP111A
18  Gunn        EP106E
18  Tarchi      EP111B
18  Polatidis   CL18L3
18  Marcote     ET038F
18  JIVE        EP111C
18  Gunn        EM133C

PART 4 = 1.3/0.7 cm

1.3 Schulz      N18K3
1.3 Tarchi      CL18K3
1.3 Panessa     ES090C
1.3 Bach        ET038G
1.3 Bach        EP113B
1.3 Tarchi      EB064C
1.3 Bach        FR051
1.3             ET038H
1.3             EB064D

Note the blank lines at the bottom. In this case the PI names have been shifted up and need to be manually reordered.

Finally run makesess to generate the actual html files:

./makesess mmmyy blockyy_#.asc


The "feedbackplots" web page provides both ampcal information and a searchable database of feedback from both station submissions and support scientist written PI letters. This page is behind a login to prevent vandalism. All JIVE staff should know (or know how to find) this login information so ask anyone if you need it.
It runs on grafana connecting to a mysql database. The grafana server is written in go and lives on dop288 in:


It can be started manually by simply running


However it should start automatically on all reboots due to the following crontab (as jops user):

jops@dop288:~/feedbackplots> crontab -el
@reboot sleep 60 && cd ~/feedbackplots/ && screen -d -m  bin/grafana-server

The database server used is db0 and the database is called “ampcal” containing two tables: “ampcal” and “feedback” for the ampcal and feedback information respectively.
This database is fed by three scripts:

Lives on pipe (jop83) and takes the self calibration data from the pipeline to record amplitude calibration values per station.


This is the script used by the feedback website to allow stations to enter feedback for each experiment. Inserts data into both old style “flat” text files and the db0 database.

Lives on eee2 and parses the piletter written by support scientists, adding further feedback to the database.


Mattermost is the communications tool hosted by JIVE used for chats within the EVN.
It is hosted on a virtual machine with
Mattermost is installed as a service and can be administered by logging in to as user coms:

service mattermost status

Sometimes nginx (the webserver) tries to come back up too quickly after a network outage and will have to be manually restarted:

sudo  service nginx status
● nginx.service - A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server
   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/nginx.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Fri 2019-01-18 12:57:59 CET; 2h 9min ago
sudo service nginx restart

The actual mattermost executables and files are stored in /opt/mattermost
The mattermost database is backed up to ~jops/mmbackup/ every day

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