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End of Project Meeting

The end of project meeting is now documented via its own website.

Science and Technology of Long Baseline Real-Time Interferometry:
The 8th International e-VLBI Workshop
22-26 June 2009 - Madrid, Spain

Video samples from meeting

Short recorded sample of video from Wednesday's meeting in Yebes. Download the gzip'd tarfile (approx 9 MB in size). The speaker is Tasso Tzioumis1), the chair of the EXPReS Board. To play the file, you will need to log into EVO, enter a meeting room (TESTING works fine), start the video recording widget, select the playback option, pick the un-gzip-tar'd file from above, and then hit play. If we find time, we will try to post better instructions and/or convert the video to a more usable format. (Note that this video was captured from a home DSL line, so the quality is limited by the end user network connection.)

We have a few additional short samples from the meetings stored offline. We did not ask the speakers if they would allow their talks to be posted (and the clips are still only a minute or two long), so they are not posted.

We also have a few screen captures from the sessions showing the software's overall UI (video window, text chat sub-system, etc.)

screen shot 1

screen shot 2

screen shot 3

screen shot 4

  • Minutes: 28 Nov 2006 Face-to-face eVSAG meeting, Westerbork, Netherlands.
  • minutes.pdf: 28 June 2007 (Draft) Face-to-face eVSAG meeting, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • —- Attachment 4 - Table of possible variable targets with eVLBI, Zsolt Paragi, variablesources_.pdf
  • —- Attachment 5 - Science and requirments for eVLBI of variable sources, Zsolt Paragi, variablesources.ppt
Tasso gave permission to post this short video of him
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