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NA1: Management of I3

Management Team

Workspace for EXPReS Management Team. Access restricted. To request access to restricted wiki pages or documents, please contact or

Information for Annual Review 2007 March

Cost Models for the Sixth Framework Programme, Published on 10 March 2003

Audit certificate guidance notes 6th framework programme. This document is for auditors and describes how they should perform the audit.

Financial Reporting - Form C

Documents from the EC

  • Cost Models for the Sixth Framework Programme: PDF document from the EU FP6 website

Activities and Information

Kickoff and Board Meeting

Tuesday 31 October - Wednesday 1 November 2006: Kickoff

Communications to the Management Team

From T. Charles Yun:

Tracking Documents

Reference Documents

EC / Cisco / EXPReS Conversation

List of the e-VLBI Workshops

A local wiki page that lists URLs and inforomation for e-VLBI meetings historically.

The JIVE website tracks a more up to date verison of the e-VLBI Workshop List.


Majordomo Mailing list instructions

Majordomo is the mailing list software that EXPReS uses (via JIVE) to run the various mailing lists. The following documents summarize how to use/interact with the mailing list. (The PDF's come from two IEEE pages that are no longer accessible.)

talks and presentations

working drafts of the Period 2 table are available for a short time via: expres:management:draft_4|Period 2 Deliverables table , expres:management:draft_3a|Period 2 , expres:management:deliverablesPeriod2|Period 2 Deliverables table
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