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A == Activity
oldM# == Old milestone Number (As Listed)
M# == New Milestone Number
Descrip == Description
Expect == Expected Completion Month
Actual == Actual Completion Month


Group Milestone Number (As Listed) New Milestone Number Description Expected Completion Actual Completion
NA1 MN1.1 M-NA1.1 Conclusion of the Cons. Agreement 1) -3 8
NA1 MN1.2 M-NA1.2 Appointment of the project manager 2) 0 8
NA1 MN1.3 M-NA1.3 Appointment of the administrative assistant 3) 0 1
NA2 EVN-NREN M-NA2.1 chair attends EXPReS Board Meeting No. 1 4) 2 8
NA2 EVN-NREN M-NA2.2 chair attends EXPReS Consortium Board Meeting No. 2 14
NA2 EVN-NREN M-NA2.3 chair attends EXPReS Board Meeting No. 3 26
NA3 EVSAG M-NA3.1 chair attends EXPReS Consortium Board Meeting 5) 2
NA3 EVSAG M-NA3.2 chair attends EXPReS Consortium Board Meeting 14
NA3 EVSAG M-NA3.3 chair attends EXPReS Consortium Board Meeting 26
NA4 NA4.i M-NA4.1 The EXPReS web-site goes public and on-line not listed 1
NA4 NA4.ii M-NA4.2 Management tools are added to the web-site and used effectively for Project management not listed 6
NA4 NA4.iii M-NA4.3 the first PR material is produced and presented at the first iGRID networking event 6) 7) not listed n/a
NA4 NA4.iv M-NA4.4 EXPReS participates in annual public open-days at JIVE and the other partner institutes involved in such outreach activities 8) not listed 8
NA4 NA4.v M-NA4.5 Press release announcing the EXPReS e-VLBI facility as an open, production-level facility open to all astronomers. Other milestones include: the appointment of the EXPReS Outreach Officer. not listed
SA1 MSA1.1 M-SA1.1 Call for Proposals for e-VLBI service 1 ongoing 9)
SA1 MSA1.2 M-SA1.2 Preliminary e-VLBI Service 4
SA1 MSA1.3 M-SA1.3 Basic data-link technology 6
SA1 MSA1.4 M-SA1.4 Basic VLBI elements adapted for e-VLBI 6
SA1 MSA1.5 M-SA1.5 Enhanced ToO support 17
SA1 MSA1.6 M-SA1.6 Enhanced e-VLBI Service 18
SA1 MSA1.7 M-SA1.7 Enhanced ToO support 22
SA1 MSA1.8 M-SA1.8 Adaptive network utilization 22
SA1 MSA1.6b M-SA1.9 Full bandwidth utilization (duplicate number) 24
SA1 MSA1.7b M-SA1.10 Live e-VLBI system monitoring (duplicate number) 24
SA1 MSA1.8b M-SA1.11 Full e-VLBI Service (duplicate number) 24
SA2 M1: M-SA2.1 Feasibility study of the last-mile connection to the nearest GÉANT node. To + 6 months.
SA2 M2: M-SA2.2 Construction and equipment of the last-mile infrastructure. To + 18 months.
SA2 M3: M-SA2.3 e-VLBI Fringes (Detection). To +10 months.
JRA1 DJ1.1 M-JRA1.1 Requirements document data acquisition not listed
JRA1 DJ1.2 M-JRA1.2 Strategic document broadband protocols not listed
JRA1 DJ1.4 M-JRA1.3 Design document correlator algorithms not listed
JRA1 DJ1.6 M-JRA1.4 eVLBI - Grid design document not listed
JRA1 DJ1.5 M-JRA1.5 overall design document DJ1.5, which will describe all the interfaces in the project. not listed
1) , 2) , 3)
approved during board meeting, official once Board Minutes are published
4) , 5)
Board Meeting completed, official once Board Minutes are published
note: iGRiD was held in in Sept 2005, before the project started, so this item is not directly applicable. However, additional PR materials are available via the EXPReS website
7) , 8)
Posters, presentations and activities from the “Open Dag” event are available through several URLs:,, as well as the individual wiki pages for each of the activities.
see for the November 2006 call. Calls for science occur regularly and are announced via common communications channels for astronomers.
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