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EVN user support at JIVE

The European VLBI Network (EVN) encourages astronomers who are not specialised in the VLBI technique to make use of the network. JIVE can provide support for proposal preparation, scheduling, and correlation of EVN projects. JIVE staff are also able to support EVN users with data analysis.

Modern workstations, all running the latest versions of AIPS and Difmap, are available in the JIVE visitor's facility. Financial support is available for visits to JIVE and other EVN institutes through a member of the research team associated with eligible projects (see below). For further information please refer to the Visiting JIVE page or contact Bob Campbell, head of the Science Operations and Support Group at JIVE.

JIVE support scientists also maintain the EVN User Guide (including a Data Analysis Guide) which should be useful at all stages of a project.