ASTRON/JIVE Summer Research Programme

The ASTRON/JIVE Summer Research Programme is an opportunity for students with astronomy, physics, computer science or comparable backgrounds to spend the summer (10-12 weeks) at world-leading research institutes and to conduct astronomical studies under the supervision of JIVE and ASTRON staff members.

Research Topics

There are many possible topics of research, including radio galaxies and quasars, aspects of observational cosmology, continuum and line emission/absorption from normal and starburst galaxies, stellar maser astrometry, faint radio sources, pulsar timing, pulsar searching, synchrotron transients, fast radio bursts, molecular clouds, cosmic magnetism, space science as well as algorithm development.

The projects are defined from ongoing active research and the final research plans will be discussed and refined together with the successful candidates.

2022 Summer Research Programme

JIVE and ASTRON announce up to 7 grants for students to participate in the ASTRON/JIVE 2022 Summer Research Programme. Deadline for applications is 1 February 2022 00:CET.

For latest information about the ASTRON/JIVE 2022 Summer Research Programme and how to apply please visit this website.

More Information

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