A lot of software is needed to run the EVN MkIV DataProcessor. It ranges from real-time code embedded in the various hardware components to high level control programs for supervising the correlation process. There are also programs to help prepare the observations, a pipeline suite to make the standardized products for the astronomers, and several administration programs for the projects, the disk packs and the data archive.

Over the years many people have contributed to software development, and a variety of languages and styles have been used. Almost all this software is one-of-a-kind. It has served JIVE very well, and it still does, but it will soon disappear together with the hardware it was written for. A new generation of programs will take its place.

Some software development has been documented in compliance with funding contracts. This documentation, although incomplete, varied, and spanning a lengthy development timeline, may still be useful for reference purposes. This documentation is available on the Software Group homepage.