The finest closure of the year

Published on 20 December 2023

The JIVE Council during its session last November. © Silvio Zangarini

With a message to JIVE director, Agnieszka Słowikowska, the JIVE Council, represented by its Chair, Pablo de Vicente, expresses great delight at the latest report on JIVE's performance over the last 5 years from independent external reviewers.

De Vicente's message follows Slowikowska's presentation of the review to the members of the JIVE Council, along with its thorough discussion and analysis, during a one-day meeting last November at JIVE's headquarters in Dwingeloo.
In the review, JIVE is recognised as a highly regarded organisation in radio astronomy with respect to R&D. Various activities, including EVN support, the scientific output of JIVE and the EVN, space science applications, and astronomical software, received ratings ranging from exceptional to exceeding expectations.
Additionally, the reviewers' committee recommended JIVE to expand its core activities, leveraging the excellence of its staff and recognising the increasing importance of the VLBI technique, which is evolving from a niche into one of the most promising techniques for the future.
For such a positive assessment, the JIVE Council congratulates the JIVE staff and director and commits itself to implementing the reviewers' recommendations to further enhance JIVE's position in the global VLBI radio astronomy field.