Casa Tutorial 2018

 CASA VLBI tutorial at the EVN symposium


Date: 11 October 2018
Time: 15:30 - 18:30
LocationIAA-CSIC, Glorieta de la Astronomía s/n, C.P. 18008, Granada (Spain)
More informationEVN CASA Tutorial


With the release of CASA 5.3 the first experimental VLBI tools are included in the package (see the latest CASA Newsletter for more details). With support from the EVN symposium organisers and IAA-CSICJIVE is organising an afternoon tutorial to introduce these new tools to the EVN community. 

The first part of the tutorial consists of a lecture to demonstrate how to calibrate an EVN Network Monitoring Experiment in CASA, starting from the data stored in the EVN archive. The second part allows participants to try this for themselves, or attempt to calibrate a small dataset of their own. A few scans on a bright source are sufficient, given the available time.

All participants should bring their own laptop with a working CASA 5.3 installation. Experience with CASA is not necessary, for non-experienced CASA users it is recommended to work through one of the JVLA CASA tutorials prior to attending the workshop.