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NA4: e-VLBI Outreach, Dissemination and Communication

Administrative Templates

Outreach Materials (publicity, presentations, etc.)

  • Boilerplates - Standard descriptions of the EXPReS project you can use in presentations, press releases, etc.
  • Brochure - Copies have been sent to all EXPReS members. Contact Kristine Yun,, for additional copies. PDFs (side 1 and side 2) are available and can be printed on A3 landscape paper.
  • Display - A large display board is available for your use at conferences, demonstrations, open days or temporary display at your institute
  • Distributed correlator - Graphic illustrating data transfer between telescopes and multiple application servers for distributed correlation
  • Flags - Project members' national flags
  • Logos - Logo files for all project participants
  • Network diagram - Very basic diagram illustrating flow of data from partner telescopes to JIVE correlator
  • Photos - Photos available for public use, some rights reserved
  • Poster - 2008 EVN call for proposals advertisement featuring e-VLBI observing opportunities. A2 size, 18Mb PDF.
  • Presentation template - Please use this PowerPoint template when giving EXPReS-related presentations to help provide a uniform identity for the project. (Last updated July 2008)
  • Presentation template- This is an OpenOffice 3.x version of the standard EXPReS slide deck (updated 2008 Dec)
  • Telescope maps - World maps showing locations of EXPReS telescopes network
  • Glossary - Overview of common astronomy and networking terms.
  • Sense of Scale - Graphic showing the size of the earth compared to other astronomical objects

e-VLBI Papers

  • Albert, J. et al. “Multi-wavelength (radio, X-ray and gamma-ray) observations of the Gamma ray binary LSI +61 303.” Astrophysics. 0801.3150 (2008). (in press) Paper PDF First page PDF
  • Frey, S.; Gurvits, L.I.; Paragi, Z; and Gabányi, K. “High-resolution double morphology of the most distant known radio quasar at z=6.12.” Astronomy & Astrophysics (accepted 30 April 2008). Paper PDF
  • Haas, R.; Müskens, A.; Wagner, J.; Dulfer, C.; Mujunen, A.; Ritakari, J.; Bertarini, A. “e-VLBI data transfer from Onsala and Metsähovi to the Bonn correlator.” Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen, Schriftenreihe der Studienrichtung Vermessung und Geoinformation, Technische Universität Wien, (79) pp. 27-32. CPL 45297. Paper PDF
  • Molera, G. “Metsähovi, the first radius connected observatory to 10Gbps to the outer world.” DYNA, Vol. 82, pp. 291-294 (September 2007). Paper PDF (Spanish)
  • Pandey, M.; Paragi, Z.; Durouchoux, P.; Bignall, H. “High resolution imaging of possible microquasar.” PoS(Dynamic2007)041. Paper PDF First page PDF
  • Paragi, Z.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Borkovits, T.; Mosoni, L.; Sturmann, L.; Abraham, P.; Garrett, M. “CHARA and e-VLBI observations of Algol.” PoS(MRU)122. Paper PDF
  • Paragi, Z., Garrett, M.A., Paczynski, B., Kouveliotou, C., Szomoru, A., Reynolds, C., Parsley, S.M., Ghosh, T. “e-VLBI observations of SN2001em - an off-axis GRB candidate.” Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana. 76.3. (2005): 570. Paper PDF First page PDF
  • Paragi, Z.; Kouveliotou, C.; Garrett, M.A.; Ramirez-Ruiz E.; Langevelde, H.J. van; Szomoru, A.; Argo, M. “e-VLBI detection of SN2007gr.” The Astronomer's Telegram. #1215. (12 September 2007).
  • Paragi, Z.; Langevelde, H.J. van; Szomoru, A. Targeting transient phenomena with e-VLBI PoS(Dynamic2007)026, 2007. Paper PDF First page PDF
  • Rushton, A.; Spencer, R. “Adaptive e-VLBI observations of radio emitting 'X-ray binaries'.” PoS(Dynamic2007)043. Paper PDF First page PDF
  • Rushton, A.; Spencer,R.E.; Strong, M.; Campbell, R.M.; Casey, S.; Fender, R.P.; Garrett, M.A.; Miller-Jones, J.C.A.; Pooley, G.G.; Reynolds, C.; Szomoru, A.; Tudose, V.; and Paragi, Z. “First e-VLBI observations of GRS 1915+105.” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 374.1. (January 2007): L47-L50. Paper PDF First page PDF
  • Sekido, M.; Takiguchi, H.; Koyama, Y.; Kondo, T.; Haas, R.; Wagner, J.; Ritakari, J. “Ultra-rapid UT1 measurement by e-VLBI.” American Geophysical Union, Fall meeting 2007 (December 2007).
  • Sobarzo, Sergio K.; Torres; Sergio N.; and Hase, Hayo. “eVLBI Development in TIGO.” Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis and Applications. Heidelberg: Springer Berlin, 2006. 883-891.

Important Note!

You must credit our EC funding in any presentations, posters or other publicity material. Please use our standard funding boilerplate: “EXPReS is an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3), funded under the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), contract number 026642 EXPReS.” You should also include an image of the EU flag:


Presentation Bundle

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