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Potential EC Produced Brochure

On 13 Apr 2007, Mario Campolargo sent out an email asking for text and images for an upcoming EC Brochure that would highlight activities during FP6. The following files have been posted on the wiki for the EC's use as they were individually too large to politely share via email.

Note, the images to be used are not included in the MS Word files. Please select one of the high resolution images from below.

Description filename Approximate size
Success story text - DRAFT Success Story 108 KB
Project summary Project Summary 27 KB
Telescope Map, link to 600DPI files Multiple hi-res files
Telescope Map, JPEG, blue background Telescope_map-small-blue.jpg 316 KB
Telescope Map, JPEG, white background Telescope_map-small-white.jpg 317 KB
EXPReS brochure, JPEG, inside brochure-inside-small.jpg 416 KB
EXPReS brochure, JPEG, outside brochure-outside-small.jpg 282 KB
Science Image First 512 Mbps Map 48 KB
Fact banner as requested by EC – see below – 2 KB

Fact Banner

The information below was requested by the EC via the email described above.

 Project acronym:       EXPReS
 Contract no:           026642
 Project type:          I3
 Start date:            01 March 2006
 Duration:              36 Months
 Total budget:          12.4 M EUR
 EC Funding:            3.9 M EUR
 Web site:    
 Contact person:        Kristine Yun, Public Outreach Officer
 tel.:                  +31(0)521.596.543
 fax.:                  +31(0)521.596.539
 Project participants:  JIVE      NL
                        AARNET    AU
                        DANTE     GB
                        PSNC      PL
                        SURFnet   NL
                        ASTRON    NL
                        CNIG-IGN  ES
                        CSIRO     AU
                        HARTRAO   ZA
                        INAF      IT
                        MPIfR     DE
                        MRO       FI
                        NAIC      US
                        NCU       PO
                        OSO       SE
                        ShAO      CN
                        TIGO      CL
                        UniMan    GB
                        VIRAC     LV
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