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JIVE Annual report 2011 - 2012

E-mail with instructions

The biennial report 2009-2010 is available as an example of the input that has to be delivered.

1. Institute (van Langevelde)

2. Science Operations and Support (Campbell)

3. Technical Operations and R&D (Szomoru)

4. Software Development (van Langevelde)

5. Scientific Research (Paragi)

6. Space Science (Gurvits)

7. Externally funded projects (van Langevelde)

8. Publications (van den Poll)

Appendices: (van den Poll)
- Presentations
- Membership of international Boards and committees
- Membership of professional associations and societies
- Meetings attended (1. Scientific conferences, 2. Technical and business meetings, 3. Working visits and observing trips)

Experiments (also an appendix {9}) (Campbell)

Visits (also an appendix {4}) (Campbell)

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