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Externally Funded Projects

6.3.1 RadioNet EVN TNA

This biennial period saw the final year of the FP7 RadioNet (2011) and the first year of the follow-on RadioNet3 (2012; although still in FP7). The RadioNet EVN Trans-National Access (TNA) programme provides funding to EVN telescopes to provide access to eligible projects, and supports travel by investigators from eligible projects to visit JIVE or another EVN institute. An eligible project is one in which the PI and at least 50% of the author list as a whole are associated with institutes in the EU member and associated states. Table [##5] summarizes various statistics from the past two years of EVN TNA activity.

                                                          2011    2012
Number of eligible observations                             58      86
  comprising how many proposals                             36      48
Total number of access hours                               466     731
Number of data reduction visits                              7       7
   number of data reduction visits made to JIVE              5       4

Table [##5]: Annual statistics for various aspects of the EVN TNA programme over 2011-12.

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