Monday, 3rd September 2018
18:00 Welcome reception at Fletcher hotel De Borken
Tuesday, 4th September 2018
08:30   Registration at JIVE / ASTRON
09:00   Carole Jackson & Zsolt Paragi Welcome address
09:20   Ihor Kravtsov The northern sky survey in order to find sporadic radio emission sources in decameter wave range
09:40   Willice Obonyo A search for non-thermal radio emission from jets of massive young stellar objects
10:00   Thalia Traianou Resolving the innermost jet region of radio quasars 3C454.3 and TXS 2013+370
10:20   Joe Hanson Investigating cosmic magnetism with machine learning
10:40   Coffee
11:10   Benito Marcote Invited: Science with the European VLBI Network (EVN)
11:50   Emanuela OrrĂ¹ Invited: Science with the Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR)
12:30   Harry van der Laan 1968-2018: European Radio Astronomy Then and Now
12:40   Group Photo
13:00   Lunch
14:10   Parallel tours LOFAR control room, EVN correlator
15:10   Mykola Shevchuk Comparative analysis of the solar decameter spikes and striae
15:30   Isaac Mutie Fuelling star-formation and accretion in galaxies - tracing dense, molecular gas
15:50   Tonye Irabor A radio selected sample of planetary nebulae
16:10   Coffee
16:40   Kelly Gourdji Low-frequency radio follow-up of gravitational wave merger events with LOFAR
17:00   Charitarth Vyas Fuel for the Milky Way star formation: Tracing the high Galactic latitude molecular clouds
17:20   Nicola Locatelli Assessing the magnetic cosmic web nearby galaxy cluster Abell 2744
19:00     Dinner at Bospub
Wednesday, 5th September 2018
09:00   Mukul Mhaskey Extragalactic radio sources with sharply inverted spectrum at metre wavelengths
09:20   Andrey Kazantsev Giant radio pulses from pulsars: observation and investigation
09:40   Enrique Sanchis Modeling circumstellar disk observations for effective radii determination
10:00   Fernando Rico Witnessing the early stages of the formation of super star clusters in the nucleus of NGC253
10:20   Coffee
11:00   Hyoyin Gan Exploring subtle artefacts in data calibration of LOFAR
11:20   Katarzyna Dutkowska Infrared and 22 GHz water emission associated with a Sun-like protostar
11:40   Nasrin Talebpour Sheshvan Study of the directivity of compact interplanetary radio type IV bursts
12:00   Maria Timirkeeva Radio pulsars with expected gamma-ray radiation and gamma-ray pulsars as pulsating radio emitters
12:20   Lunch
13:30   Gina Maffey / Iris Nijman Science communication workshop I
14:30   Coffee
15:00   Gina Maffey / Iris Nijman Science communication workshop II
16:00   Bike or walk to Fletcher hotel De Borken
16:30   From the Hotel: departure by bus for Excursion to the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope
17:15   Tour of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope
19:00   Conference dinner at restaurant De Warrel in Westerbork
Thursday, 6th September 2018
09:00   Parichay Mazumdar LASMA (13CO, J=3D 3-2) survey of the Milky Way
09:20   Henryk Haniewicz PSR J1829+2456: A double neutron star system with measured masses
09:40   Hongming Tang Convolutional neural network for giant radio galaxy (GRG) identification
10:00   Suma Murthy Feedback from low luminosity radio AGNs: A case study of B2 0258+35
10:20   Coffee
11:00   Jordan Molet Molecular complexity in the star forming region W43-MM1
11:20   Marilyn Cruces Follow-up of FAST pulsar discoveries
11:40   Aleksandr Popkov Relation between broad-band radio spectra and parsec-scale structure of extragalactic radio sources
12:00   Janis Steinbergs First VLBI maser observations in Irbene - Torun baseline
12:20   Lunch
13:30   Tour NOVA Optical InfraRed Instrumentation group
14:50   Raeesa Parker Categorising protoplanetary disc asymmetries observed with ALMA
15:10   Xiaojin Liu High-precision pulsar timing and the motion of the pulsar in our Galaxy
15:30   Coffee
16:00   Nhlakanipho, Kwazi Mthembu Calibrating HERA-19 with a Galactic centre observation
16:20   Valeria Olivares ALMA observations of cold molecular gas in brightest cluster of galaxies
16:40   Aoife Maria Ryan Imaging the solar corona during the March 2015 solar eclipse at low frequencies using LOFAR
17:00   LOC Concluding remarks
17:30   LOC Pub Quiz
19:00     Dinner at JIVE / ASTRON