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EWASS 2018 Special Session - Liverpool, UK

4 April 2018

SS11 INSTRUMENTATION: Exploring the Universe: a Eurpean vision for the future of VLBI

Chair: Tiziana Venturi

09:00Gravitational waves: potential contribution of VLBIAndrew WilliamsonPDF
09:30Gravitational Lensing with the next generation of VLBI arraysCristina SpingolaPDF
09:45Coevolution of Supermassive Black Holes and their host galaxies: open questions and prospects for VLBIAndrea MerloniPDF
10:15The impact of VLBI Observations on our Understanding of Star-formation Activity and Low-Luminosity AGN SystemsTom MuxlowPDF
11:00MERAC Prize in Theoretical AstrophysicsSandrine Codis
11:30MERAC Prize in Observational AstrophysicsRenske Smit
12:00MERAC Prize in New TechnologiesMartin Pertenais
12:30Cosmological hydrodynamical simulationsJoop Schaye
14:30Imaging black holes with mm-VLBI: past, present and futureHeino FalckePDF
15:00Big and young SMBHs in the early Universe: how can we observe jetted AGN?Tullia SbarratoPDF
15:15Zooming in on fast radio burstsJason HesselsPDF
15:45Extragalactic Synchrotron Transients with VLBI: from Supernovae to TDEsMigues Perez-TorresPDF
16:30Stellar masers and the structure of the GalaxyAndreas BrunthalerPDF
17:00VLBI and the life-cycles of starsHans OlofssonPDF
17:15The future of VLBIJohn ConwayPDF
17:45Summary and concluding remarksTiziana Venturi
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