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Zenith tracks

A report of the track measurements can be found final_report_of_test2_on_rot54_revised.docx

If I'm not mistaken the times of the tracks shown in the document correspond to

date time RA RA
[UTC+4] [deg]
16.12. 15:17:41 19h56m06s 299.025
15:57:47 20h36m20s 309.083
03.12. 16:11:41 19h59m04s 299.766
17:04:25 20h51m49s 312.954

I’ve used the MPIfR survey sampler

to have a look at the Cygnus region. There is e.g. data from the 6cm survey of the Urumqi telescope and 11cm Effelsberg data. This should have comparable resolution and covers at least part of the Cygnus region.

I’ve searched for RA/Dec 2000.0: 20h15m00s +38d51’00“ and ask for a size of 30 deg x 5 deg.

The surveys cover only +-4 deg of the galactic plane, so it shows only part of that region. The figure below shows a the profile along Dec 38.8 deg through both maps using a fits viewer. Just by eye this roughly looks like the trackings but I couldn't get a clear match of a particular feature. Also shifting the profile to higher or lower declinations didn't show something immediately.

The fits maps can be downloaded here if someone is interested.

List of sources that pass through zenith

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