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4th EVN-NREN Meeting

Tuesday 31 October 2006
9:00 - 13:00
Golden Tulip Zaandam
Zaandam, The Netherlands

08:30 Coffee
09:00 Welcome and Introduction: John Chevers (DANTE)
09:15 Summary of eVLBI activity from 2006: Arpad Szomuru (JIVE)
09:45 Summary of GÉANT2 activity from 2006 and wavelength service processes: John Chevers (DANTE)
10:00 Rundown of SMART-1 PERT case history: Pekka Savola (CSC-FUNET/SWITCH)
10:15 Round Table update of telescope connectivity (All)
10:45 Coffee and exciting biscuits
11:00 Connection of Medicina Telescope: Marco Marletta (GARR)
11:15 FABRIC-4 project presentation: Richard Hughes-Jones (University of Manchester)
11:30 A Simulation model for e-VLBI traffic on network links in the Netherlands: Julianne Sansa Otim
11:45 Summary of forthcoming eVLBI activity in 2006/2007: Charles Yun (JIVE) -including wavelength services
12:00 AOB and discussion
12:30 LUNCH


  • Pekka Savola, “Summary of a PERT Case Smart-1 Transfer TIGO (CH) - JIVE (NL)” PDF, 60 KB
  • Richard Hughes-Jones, “FABRIC 4 Gigabit Work & VLBI-UDP Performance and Stability” PPT, 6,751KB
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