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1 Internal Meeting

2009 April 15

Present: Charles, Mark, Des, Mike, Aard, Dominik

 Aard- software corr optimization
 Mark- clusterized corr installation
 Des - web services (with D)
 Mike- GPU and other 
 1). Introduction [Mark]
         - current status
         - new version of software correlator deployed
 2). Work progress [Dominik]
         - see slides attached
 3). Discussion about usage of gridFTPServers
         - In order to use grid FTP server a certificate is required. There is  
           a problem with generation of a certificate for a software module.  
           It has to be associated with a person. Keeping the above in mind  
           we have decided that:
                 - the usage of file transfer protocol will be configurable,  
                   so it is possible to switch from one protocol to another
                 - we will use SCP whenever possible
 4). Action Items 
         a). Testebed preparation
                 - correlator deployed on reef cluster at PSNC
                 - agreed to deploy separate software correlator
                         - at Jive, contact Mike about it
                         - at Psnc, check the availability of another cluster in 
                           PSNC where software correlator could be deployed. In  
                           case something is wrong with cluster at Jive. [Dominik]
                         - adding new software correlator requires installation  
                           and configuration of Correlation Node Module
                 - translation nodes
                         - define a list of translation nodes which will be available  
                           (name, description, service endpoint and gridFtp address  
                           is required) [Des and Dominik]
                                 - now there is one at Jive, Huygens
                                 - the second one is being installed in Torun
         b). We agreed to have 4 virtual radio telescopes for a demo system
                 - A VEX file should be prepared for the system demo (for 4  
                   radio telescopes)
         c). Check a policy about file transfer protocols at PSNC [Dominik]
         d). Implementation of missing software modules [Des and Dominik]
         e). Add possibility of returning feedback by software modules [Des and Dominik]  
         f). Monitoring
                 - required and useful
                 - agreed to implement a simple monitoring in WFM        [Dominik]
                 - advanced monitoring system will be created in the EXPReS continuation
                         - this would probably require changing the correlator code.  
                           Investigate the status info in software correlator - how it  
                           is done, how this information can be accessed by other  
                           modules [Aard]
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