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WP2 Distributed correlation


WP2.1 Grid resource allocation

2.1.1 Grid-VLbi collaboration

2.1.2 Grid workflow management

  1. Details on e-VLBI System
    • All the details about e-VLBI System are presented in the following page: eVlbiSystem
  2. List of Deliverables

2.1.3 Grid routing

WP2.2 Software correlation

2.2.1 Correlator algorithm design

DJ1.4 Correlator Design Specifications dj1.4_correlatordesignspecifications.doc

2.2.2 Correlator computational core

Comparison of interpolation methods to compute the delay table: interpolation.pdf

2.2.3 Scaled up version for clusters

SFXC 0.0.6

  • tar file of code for deliverable D75 “Software for correlation on cluster”

2.2.4 Distributed version, middleware

Description of the webservices dealing with distribution of pre-correlator data: webservices.pdf

A snapshot of the code can be found here: translationnode.tar.gz

2.2.5 Interactive visualisation

2.2.6 Output definition

2.2.7 Output merge

Software to create data product from distributed correlation: j2ms2-20090206.tar.gz. This code converts the software correlator output into an aips++ MeasurementSet. The MeasurementSet can be analysed and postprocessed using the standard set of tools that is also used for the EVN hardware correlator at JIVE. Existing tools can also be used to convert the MeasurementSet into FITS for use with classic AIPS.

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