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Communication Protocol

April 24, 2009

Communication Protocol - structure

Soap detail
  1. Soap version
    • Soap 1.0 and HTTP 1.0 is used to communicate with Jive modules written in Python. In order to enable this, each Axis stub needs to have the following options enabled
      • _serviceClient.getOptions().setSoapVersionURI(org.apache.axiom.soap.SOAP11Constants.SOAP_ENVELOPE_NAMESPACE_URI);
      • _serviceClient.getOptions().setProperty(org.apache.axis2.transport.http.HTTPConstants.HTTP_PROTOCOL_VERSION,org.apache.axis2.transport.http.HTTPConstants.HEADER_PROTOCOL_10);
Protocol description

Protocol Version: 2.0

Message Header - contains all the common fields which are exchanged between modules. Please note that some fields can be used depending on the context.

The Massage Header is composed of the following fields:
* private long chunkCount - specifies number of chunks in the current correlation job
* private long chunkId - identifier of a data chunk - chunks are numbered starting from 0
* private long chunkSize - specifies a size of a single data chunk
* private String experimentName - experiment name - in fact experiment identifier, because experiment names are unique.
* private String jobId - job identifier - used to differentiate data in case where the same experiment data is being correlated at the same time, but with different parameters
* private String senderLocation - specifies a sender address of this message
* private String telescopeAbbr - telescope abbreviation - two letter abbreviation
  1. TranslationJob Service
    1. TranslationJobInfo changes
      • common fields removed, message header added
      • gridFtpLocation changed to dataLocation. Since we agreed that we will support different data transfer protocols
      • brokerLocation removed. Sender location from message header should be used instead
      • WSDL File: translationjob.tgz
  2. TranslationJobNotification Service
    1. ChunkInfo changes
      • common fields removed, message header added
      • startTime, endTime changed to chunkStartTime and chunkEndTime
      • translationNodeURL removed. Sender location from message header should be used instead
    2. updateStatus method added
      • called by the Translation Node to update Vlbi Broker about current status of translation job
  3. Correlated Data Job Service
  4. Correlated Data Notification Service
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