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EXPReS First Annual Review

2007 April 17 Tuesday
Brussels, Belgium

The First Annual Review concluded at 5pm, Tuesday 17 April 2007. The European Commission indicated that there were no major problems with the report or presentation and shared suggestions on potential follow up items. The Commission will provide written feedback that will be shared as appropriate.

Minutes/notes from the meeting are being prepared and will be made available.

EXPReS Members Attending

  • Huib Jan van Langevelde, Coordinator/JRA1
  • Ari Mujunen, Chairman
  • T. Charles Yun, representing NA1/2/3/4
  • Arpad Szomoru, SA1
  • Paco Colomer, SA2

External User (on behalf of EXPReS)

  • Rob Fender

E.C. Members Attending

  • Jean-Luc Dorel, Science Officer
  • Bernhard Fabianek, former Science Officer (for portions of the day)
  • Mario Campalargo, DG INFSO (for portions of the day)
  • Elena Righi-Steele, DG Research (for portions of the day)


  • Empty at the moment as I am not sure if we are supposed to share their names

Agenda and Presentations

time Presentation Speaker
09:00-09:30 Introduction
Welcome Langevelde
Project Overview Mujunen
09:30-11:00 EXPReS Summary for Past 12 Months
NA1/NA2/NA3/NA4 Yun
SA1 Szomoru
SA2 Colomer
JRA1 Langevelde
11:00-11:15 Break
11:15-11:45 External User: Benefits and capabilities of e-VLBI 1) Rob Fender
11:45-12:30 Comments from E.C. on morning
12:30-13:15 Lunch
13:15-14:00 Financial Overview for Past 12 Months
Financials Yun
14:00-15:15 Overview of project next 18 Months
NA1/NA2/NA3/NA4 Yun
SA1 Szomoru
SA2 Colomer
JRA1 Langevelde
15:15-16:00 Open Discussion
16:00-16:20 Reviewer Internal Meeting
16:20-16:30 First Feedback to the team
16:30 Conclusion / End of First Year Review
Note: the embeded videos are not included with this distribution
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