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Deliverable D56 / SA2.15 e-VLBI test observations, Metsahovi

  • due month 18
  • delivered month 13

On 05 March 2007, Zsolt Paragi provided the following email to confirm the deliverable:

 Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 13:01:51 +0100 (CET)
 From: Zsolt Paragi <>
 To: EVNtech <>
 Subject: EVNtech: First K-band e-EVN, first e-VLBI fringes to Mh
 Today we had an e-VLBI fringe test in K-band, prior to the F07K1
 ftp test. The participating telescopes were Cm, Jb2, Mc, Mh, and On60.
 The data rate was 256 Mbps. This was our first e-VLBI test at,
 and the first one with Metsahovi.
 The test was a complete success, with fringes to all telescopes
 (see attached plot; note that Cm bandwidth is limited to 128 Mbps
 because of the microwave link). Onsala had a new dualpol K-band
 receiver which performed very well. The Jb and Cm sensitivities may
 have been a bit worse than expected, likely due to the windy weather
 or pointing.
   Zsolt Paragi                            |  Tel.   :  +31 521 596 536
   e-VLBI Support Scientist                |  Fax    :  +31 521 596 539
   Data Processor Research and Development |
   Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe      |  E-mail :
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