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6th Internal Meeting

2009 May 13

Present: Mark, Mike, Dominik

  1. Cluster at Jive
    • the software correlator will be deployed at
    • What is required
      • Java 6 [Mike will install it globally]
      • Tomcat server with Correlation Node deployed [Dominik]
      • SFXC [Mark or Aard]
      • Mark will prepare small testbed to test correlator (sample data and sample script to submit jobs) [Mark]
      • the script will be ported to Correlation Node [Mateusz]
      • Mike will ask to open ports for software components
  2. Software Correlator Issues
    • it is the Correlation Node [PSNC] responsibility to decode when correlator fails, i.e. by checking exit status
    • it is the the software correlator responsibility to deal with empty data chunks
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