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2 Internal Meeting

2009 April 16

Present: Des and Dominik

  1. The main objective of the meeting
    • to discuss the Correlated Data Service design
    • establish communication protocols with VLBI Broker
  2. The outcome:
    • The Correlated Data Service (CDS) is responsible for downloading and merging correlated data chunks
    • The CDS talks to VLBI Broker
    • The communication protocol (wdl file) will be created by Dominik [DONE]
  • The CDS core will be created by Des
  1. Communication protocol
  2. correlatedDataSetIsReady Broker ⇒ CDS [DONE]
    • sent when new data set has been correlated and is ready for download
    • fields to be included in the datagram
      • jobId
      • brokerLocation - for the notification to be sent back
      • experimentName - not sure whether CDS needs that
      • chunkSetId
      • list of URLs - location's of correlated chunks
  3. correlatedDataSetUploaded CDS ⇒ Broker [DONE]
    • sent when correlated data set has been successfully uploaded at Jive archive
    • when this notification is received Broker can remove data from grid environment
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