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Publications and Presentations


Anything that has appeared in print, such as scientific papers, newspaper articles, online publications. Include the link to the online paper, or upload a PDF. Internal JJ documents can also be included here.
Title; Author; Date; Journal or magazine name:


Any oral or poster presentation given as part of a meeting or visit. Upload the presentation in PPT, Keynote or PDF.
Title; Author; Date; Location; Hosting institute; Website of organisation:

  • Mandarijntjes op de maan; Ilse van Bemmel; 14 Feb 2020; public lecture at Volkssterrenwacht Bussloo
  • Software Projects at JIVE; Mark Kettenis, Harro Verkouter, Des Small et al.; 18-20 Nov 2019; 8th International VLBI Technology Workshop (IVTW), Sydney
  • SKA-VLBI capabilities and technique; Cristina Garcia Miro; Nov 2019; SKA meeting Shanghai
  • System Monitoring using e-RemoteCtrl and Zabbix in the JumpingJIVE Context; Alexander Neidhardt; 2019; TOW Haystack
  • Programming Station Code in C++ and Automating Processes for the NASA Field System; Alexander Neidhardt; 2019; TOW Haystack
  • Autonomous observations of VLBI radio telescopes; Alexander Neidhardt, Edoardo Barbieri, Johann Bachem et al.; 2019; EVGA Gran Canaria
  • Centralized monitoring of VLBI antennas for seamless auxiliary data (poster); Alexander Neidhardt, Edoardo Barbieri, Johann Bachem et al;, 2019; IVS EVGA Gran Canaria
  • Remote access to the NASA Field System via Web browser (poster); Alexander Neidhardt; 2019; IVS EVGA Gran Canaria
  • Implementation of a geodetic path at the JIVE correlator; M.E. Gomez et al.; 2019;IVS EVGA Gran Canaria
  • Recent technical developments at JIVE; Aard Keimpema et al.; 2019; IVS EVGA Gran Canaria
  • Astrometric VLBI and celestial reference frames; Patrick Charlot; 30 May 2019; invited lecture Hartebeesthoek
  • It's complicated - how can we communicate radio astronomy in a visual world?; Gina Maffey; 2019; EWASS Lyon
  • How do you provide the sharpest view on the Universe?; Gina Maffey; 2018; CAP Fukukoa Japan
  • Geodetic capabilities at the JIVE SFXC correlator; Paco Colomer; 2018; IVS GM
  • A vision of the future of the EVN; Michael Lindqvist; 2018; VLBI Technology workshop
  • JUMPING JIVE (poster); Giuseppe Cimo; 2018; EVN symposium
  • What can VLBI do for your research; Paco Colomer; 2018; EAVN workshop Korea
  • JIVE RadioNet SPOOR; Paco Colomer; 2018; PDF of presentation
  • Global VLBI in the SKA era; Arpad Szomoru; 2017; IEEE

Other materials

Anything else, such as websites, banners, brochure.

WP10 SKA-VLBI poster

Available at JIVE: banners, postcards, brochure (need link to materials)

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