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Network Monitoring Experiment Reports

LaTeX template nme_rep.tex

Python script to create a pre-formatted LaTeX

NME reports by session/frequency

90cm UHF L-band S/X-band C-band 5cm X-band K-band Q-band
Oct'22 n22x1.pdf
Jun'22 n22c2.pdf
Feb'22 n22c1.pdf n22q1.pdf
Oct'21 n21l3.pdf n21c3.pdf n21m1.pdf n21x2.pdf n21k3.pdf n21q1.pdf
Jun'21 n21l2.pdf n21c2.pdf n21к2.pdf
Feb'21 n21l1.pdf n21c1.pdf n21x1.pdf n21k1.pdf
Oct'20 n20l3.pdf n20c3.pdf n20mз.pdf n20x2.pdf n20k3.pdf
Jun'20 n20l2.pdf n20c2.pdf n20m2.pdf n20x1.pdf n20k2.pdf
Feb'20 n20l1.pdf n20sx1.pdf n20c1.pdf n20m1_1.pdf n20k1.pdf n20q1.pdf
Oct'19 n19l3.pdf n19sx2.pdf n19c3.pdf n19m3.pdf n19k3.pdf
Jun'19 n19l2.pdf n19c2.pdf n19m2.pdf n19x1.pdf n19k2.pdf
Feb'19 n19l1.pdf n19sx1.pdf n19c1.pdf n19m1.pdf n19k1.pdf
Oct'18 n18l3.pdf n18sx2.pdf n18c3.pdf n18k3.pdf
Jun'18 n18l2.pdf n18sx1.pdf n18c2.pdf n18k2.pdf
Feb'18 n18l1.pdf n18c1.pdf n18m1.pdf
Oct'17 n17l3.pdf n17sx1.pdf n17c3.pdf n17k2.pdf
Jun'17 n17l2.pdf n17c2.pdf n17m1.pdf
Feb'17 n17p1.pdf n17l1.pdf n17c1.pdf n17k1.pdf n17q1.pdf
Oct'16 n16l3.pdf n16c3.pdf n16m3.pdf n16x1.pdf n16k2.pdf
Jun'16 n16l2.pdf n16c2.pdf n16m2.pdf n16k1_2.pdf
Feb'16 n16l1.pdf n16c1.pdf n16m1.pdf
Oct'15 n15l3.pdf n15c3.pdf n15m2.pdf n15x2.pdf
May'15 n15l2.pdf n15c2.pdf n15x1.pdf n15q1.pdf
Feb'15 n15l1.pdf n15c1.pdf n15m1.pdf
Oct'14 n14l3.pdf n14c3.pdf n14m3.pdf n14x1.pdf n14q2.pdf
Jun'14 n14p1.pdf n14l2.pdf n14c2.pdf n14m2.pdf n14k2.pdf n14q1.pdf
Feb'14 n14l1.pdf n14c1.pdf n14m1.pdf n14k1.pdf
Oct'13 n13p1.pdf n13l3.pdf n13x4.pdf
May'13 n13l2.pdf n13c2.pdf n13m2.pdf n13x3.pdf n13k2.pdf
Feb'13 n13l1.pdf n13c1.pdf n13m1.pdf n13x1.pdf n13k1.pdf
Oct'12 n12l3.pdf n12c3.pdf n12m2.pdf n12x3.pdf n12k4.pdf
May'12 n12l2.mod.pdf n12sx1.pdf n12c2.mod.pdf n12x2..pdf n12k3.pdf
Feb'12 n12l1.pdf n12c1.pdf n12m1.pdf n12x1.pdf n12k1.pdf
Oct'11 n11l4.pdf n11c3.pdf n11m3.pdf n11x2.pdfn11k1.pdf
Jun'11 n11p1.pdf n11l3.pdf n11c2.pdf n11m2.pdf
Mar'11 n11l1.pdf n11sx1.pdfn11c1.pdf n11m1.pdf n11x1.pdf
Oct'10 n10l3.pdf n10sx2.pdf n10c3.pdf n10m3.pdf n10k1.pdf
Jun'10 n10l2.pdf n10c2.pdf n10m2.pdf
Mar'10 n10l1.pdfn10sx1.pdfn10c1.pdf n10m1.pdf n10x1.pdf
Oct'09 n09l3.pdf n09c3.pdfn09m3.pdf n09k3.pdf n09q2.pdf
Jun'09 n09l2.pdfn09sx1.pdf n09c2.pdf n09m2.pdf
Mar'09 n09l1.pdf n09c1.pdfn09m1.pdf n09k1.pdf n09q1.pdf
Oct'08 n08l3.pdf n08c3.pdf n08x1.pdf n08k4.pdf n08q1.pdf
Jun'08 n08l2.pdf n08c2.pdf n08m2.pdf n08k2.pdf
Mar'08 n08l1.pdf n08sx1.pdf n08c1.pdf n08m1.pdf n08k1.pdf
Oct'07 n07l3.pdf n07c3.pdf n07m3.pdf
Jun'07 n07l2.pdf n07c2.pdf n07m2.pdf
Mar'07 n07l1.pdf n07c1.pdf n07k1.pdf
Nov'06 n06x2.pdf
Jun'06 n06c2.pdf n06m2.pdf
Feb'06 n06l1.pdf n06c1.pdf n06m1.pdf n06x1.pdf
Oct'05 n05l5.pdf n05c3.pdf n05k2.pdf
Jun'05 ev015.pdf n05l4.pdf n05c2.pdf
Feb'05 n05l1.pdf n05c1.pdf n05k1.pdf
Oct'04 n04p1.pdf n04c3.pdf n04m1.pdf n04k2.pdf
May'04 n04c2.pdf
Feb'04 n04l1.pdf n04c1.pdf n04x1.pdf n04k1.pdf
Oct'03 n03l3.pdf n03c1.pdf
Jun'03 n03l2.pdf n03m1.pdf
Feb'03 n03k1.pdf

Older NME reports can be found at LinkExternal Link

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